About Us

Our first event.


Our Approach

We wanted to bring the best in balloon decor to Arkansas. With a much needed service in our area we created this company to bring the Balloon Decor to life in all types of parties around Central Arkansas. We stuck with the traditional face to face approach to keep the business more personal and upfront, rather than behind closed doors. This way you see who you are dealing with from the start.

Our Story

Balloon Town was started in May of 2014 under the name of "Ba Looney". We Officially started the business in July of the same year. Through trial and error and people pronouncing our name "Bologna"  (no we are not kidding). We then came up with a simple name "Balloon Town". We knew that we wanted to add awesomness to parties with our decor, but we really did not know how far it would go. Here we are 3 years later and have created a plethora of designs. So now we look forward to creating even more.